Frequently Asked Questions

A sober living home is a place of safety and structure for someone who is on his path to recovery, also referred to as a transitional living home or halfway house. Our Middle Tennessee sober living homes help to transition someone between the lessons and security of rehab and life outside the recovery setting.  We can be an alternative to immediately coming back to—or staying in—an unhealthy home or home town situation.

We provide a safe, structured setting to pave a smoother transition back into life outside the recovery setting.  With rules and structure designed to help insulate the individual from early temptations and stressors, we help free him to focus on “locking in” the lessons of rehab as he begins to use them in a real-world way. A successful halfway house/sober living experience can improve the chances of remaining abstinent following inpatient treatment.  According to a study by the Journal of Addictive Disorders, participation in a 12-step group or peer-support group like the ones we require doubles the likelihood of remaining abstinent in early recovery.  A Sunrise client also receives the social support and accountability of being among individuals with the same success goals.

Addiction and substance abuse require dedicated effort. The key rule is strict, enforced abstinence from drugs and alcohol.  Beyond that, certain obligations such as curfew, completing chores, and 12-step meeting attendance also apply.  Some of these are addressed below.

Yes, to promote recovery and abstinence, we do mandatory testing on random days every week.

Our weekly fee is $200 per week, or $750 for four weeks (a $50 savings compared to paying weekly).

We also charge a one-time processing fee of $200 at the time of signup. This fee waived for anyone who pays $750 for their first four weeks.
We believe that maintaining real-world responsibilities like paying normal expenses move clients towards healthy recovery from addiction or substance abuse.  Clients who don’t do so will be asked to leave, with readmission subject to review and availability.   We do accept payments from third-party organizations on our clients’ behalf to help them get started or bounce back from a rough financial spot.  One such organization that we’ve partnered with is Fund Recovery.  To apply for entry assistance, click here.

Typically yes, two to a room.  Some private room options may be available from time to time.

Yes, required meetings are normal in transitional living. We require four meetings per week, and the Murfreesboro area offers several options.

Yes, within the first week you must have, at minimum, a temporary sponsor and a permanent one by week four.

Yes.  We encourage reentry into the workforce as a part of the transition back into life outside of the recovery setting.

Yes, we require that clients be home by 10:00 pm Sunday through Thursday and 11:00 pm on Friday and Saturday nights.

Yes, clients using drugs like Suboxone or Vivatrol under medical supervision are welcome.

Guests are allowed on Sunday afternoons.  No overnight guests are allowed.

Yes, overnight passes are made available to anyone who is following all house rules after at least two weeks of residency.

When you become a Sunrise Sober Living client, you’ve become part of a transitional living family.  Anyone who is simply following rules and meeting rent obligations is welcome to stay as long as he likes.  However, Sunrise is, after all, a “halfway house:” it’s meant to be a transition point, not a stopping place.  We strive to help men build a strong recovery framework and then move to a successful post-treatment life, and we encourage and assist our clients accordingly.

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