Here's What Our Past Residents and Staff are Saying About Their Experience with Sunrise Sober Living.


Ray shares a very brief look at the Sunrise experience and the bond he’s seen develop with the other guys.


Here’s our former White House in-house manager, Seth, sharing a little of his story and his take on Sunrise Sober Living. Thanks, Seth–we appreciate you.


Phil is our first client to film a testimonial. Thanks, Phil for stepping up first and for sharing a little bit of your story!


Here’s some straight talk from Kevin about his transitional living experience at Sunrise.


Stories of Success

“My name is Daniel, I'm a resident at sunrise sober living in Murfreesboro. This house provides a safe, healthy environment which is centered on God, 12-step recovery, spiritual and personal growth, as well as personal accountability allowing us a second chance at rebuilding our lives.”
Daniel P.
“Awesome sober living home! I've lived in multiple sober living homes and this is without a doubt the best and has great pricing. The house owner and manager are very professional have great intentions for keeping people clean and getting them back on track to succeed in life. As well all the residents that come into the house are serious about recovery and maintaining a clean environment. In the weeks I've been here this house has had a very positive effect on my recovery and life. Highly recommend Sunrise Sober Living Home!”
Comfortable living space. Very recovery centered. The house owner is compassionate yet firm. Basically he isn’t gonna buy any bs. Striving for success in everyone’s recovery that comes through the doors. All the guy’s seem to get along fairly well. Which is no easy task considering all the different personalities in play. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking to reshape there life and looking for a second chance at life.
“Awesome sobriety house for people who want to get sober and stay sober. Random drug tests weekly. Mandatory AA and NA meetings. Well kept house, the owner and house manager are both great guys and are also in recovery. So no fear of people who don't know what it's like. Overall my time here has been pretty great.”
Daniel R.
“I was welcomed with open arms into the Sunrise Sober Living after a 45 day stay at Journey Pure. The house is clean with a feel like home cozy feel. It has exceeded all my expectations. The biggest thing that I was pleased to find was the camaraderie and accountability that exists here. If you are serious about finding success in sobriety Sunrise is the place for you.”
“Sunrise sober living is the road to recovery. If you’re wanting a better life start here. Brett will guide you and support you 100%. This recovery life is a blessing . Thank you Brett 👌🏼”
“Talked with Brett and he made my transition from treatment to Sober Living as smooth as humanly possible! Not only was I welcomed into the Sunrise house, I also got a good paying steady job within 72 hours of being here! I would highly recommend anyone who's looking for a well ran and solid sober living house to check out Sunrise Sober Living! It's an absolutely amazing place for anyone that needs a transitional living environment!”
“It’s great here I’ve been to several sober livings never had such a nice one like this the men here are nice we all got along and this place is changing my life around full 360”
“A+ service and comfortable living! Love Brett!”
“A great place for someone seeking a recovery based community and trying to get their life back on track! Great location, great guys who are also looking to better their lives, and a great structure all around for healthy living!”
“Great place to live! It’s a very laid back and relaxing atmosphere. The strict rules provide a clean and safe place for clients to live. The fellowship and support from other clients is second to none.”

Ready to learn more about how you or a loved one can become the next story of transformation? We would love to share more about what our journey and “why” to see if we’d be a good fit for you.

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